Git-Zen for Zendesk
Coordinate your Zendesk tickets with your GitHub issues and commits. Track which files were changed to address a Zendesk ticket.
Just include the Zendesk ticket number in the comment of a GitHub commit or issue
See a list of related issues, files, and commits right next to the ticket
Multiple issues and commits from different repositories can be referenced by the same ticket
Use the LITE version for small teams with just a few references, or enjoy a FULL feature set for less than $20 a month
Git-Zen for Zendesk - Simple and Seamless
Know at a glance what issues, commits, and files are related to a ticket. Click on an issue or a commit to go directly to the related item in GitHub.
Turn on and off whichever repositories you want linked to your Zendesk account with just a click of a button.
Create a GitHub issue directly from a Zendesk ticket, so that your development team does not need a Zendesk account.
View only the sections that make sense for your organization. Allow Git-Zen to add private comments to the ticket history if you wish.
Choose your Git-Zen
Select the version that works best for your team.
Switch between versions any time without losing your data.
Prices are per account (ie, per Zendesk domain) per month.

Git-Zen LITE


per account / month

For small teams; integrates with GitHub commits.
Install Now
  • Reference ticket from a GitHub commit
  • View files affected by a referenced commit
  • Unlimited ticket references
  • Unlimited users
  • File and commit lists limited to 5 items

Git-Zen FULL


per account / month

Full-featured, integrates with GitHub commits AND issues.
Install Now
  • All LITE features, plus...
  • Create GitHub issues
  • Reference ticket from a GitHub issue
  • Customize viewable sections
  • File, commit, issue lists are unlimited
  • Git-Zen Support
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